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Designed alongside team rider Larsen the Vortex is a shortboard for all kinds of conditions.

The Vortex is really stable right from take off, and a complete rocket out of the door, It feels like it will go just about anywhere on the wave and at light speed.

The best thing about the Vortex,  is that it, really feels like, a traditional “shortboard”.  Light, and super responsive, and easy to move around – it makes easy work of completing your moves and landing airs.   The amount of whip in the tail is unreal you can throw buckets with it!

If you are looking for a small wave high performance all rounder, or maybe looking to reignite your froth on riding more short performance based boards this will be a huge hit.

A Great board for grom rippers to learn fast and smooth cutbacks.  Easy to launch airs ( If You can do them!)

If you are looking for a new way to make the best of just about any conditions but remain on a HPSB …the Vortex is it!

It is a step away from the groveler hybrid trend and a step down from your standard High performance shortboard.

Beginners/Int to Advanced surfers will love this board.

For advanced ride 2-4 shorter than standard.  Intermediate at your height and beginner slightly over.

Rocker is medium with a flick in nose, the tail flicks up a little more than average.

The bottom concave, single, then into a deeper double , then finishing with a V at the back out the tail flick.
Made for speed and agility
How To Size This Board.
Middle to high end of your Volume Range. ( Call if you need help here)
Wave Height  
1inch To 8 ft
Total Beginner To Expert
Wave Type
Everywhere just not super sucky, heavy barrels
Best Place To Surf This Board In San Diego
Everywhere In SD County up to  about 8ft depending how good you are.
5′ 6″ 18 7/8″ 2 .2″ squash 25.2
5′ 7″ 19″ 2 .25″ squash 26.5
5′ 8″ 19 .20″ 2 .35″ squash 27
5′ 9″ 19 .25″ 2.4″ squash 27.5
5′ 10″ 19 .4″ 2 .45″ squash 28.7
5′ 11″ 19 .5″ 2 .5″ squash 30.9
6′ 19.6″ 2 .5″ squash 31.6
6′ 1″ 19.75″ 2 .6″ squash 33.1
6′ 2″ 20″ 2 .6″ squash 34.7
6′ 4″ 20.4″ 2 .7″ squash 36.6
6′ 6″ 20.65″ 2 .8″ squash 38.9


Note:  We Are Always Tweaking These Dimensions To Improve The Boards Performance.  Use these as a Guide and Call or Chat for latest.


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