How Does it work? 

  • BrodenSurf does not and will not charge or collect any type of fee from members. Vendors who decide to sign up for our services are granted permissions to post and advertise their products through their marketplace storefront. All featured items on this website are made available to the public regardless of a membership signups.

Why Should I become a Member?

  • BroadenSurf members may be offered exclusive coupons provided from our vendors as well as capabilities to connect with Vendors via their profile page. As a Member you are able to Follow other members and/or Vendors, write private/public messages, rate products, and write posts. Stay active in your community by supporting your local shops and brands.

Who can become a Vendor?

  • Anyone who is looking to sell their products on our niche marketplace can sign up. We do require you have a logo and products. Our vendors are only charged 10% plus $1.00 per sale they make on our site with no monthly fees which also grants our vendors and suppliers access to submit front page articles about their shop and/or new products.
  • For affiliate linked products Vendors must have a separate website or link where customers can proceed to purchase the products you as a Vendor upload on BroadenSurf. Linked products include products sold through a third party i.e. Amazon, Etsy, etc.

What are “Affiliate Products”?

  • Affiliate Products are products displayed in our shop of which are internally linked to a separate website. Affiliate products on this site are used for promotional use only. All purchases of affiliate products will be forwarded to the Sellers link to continue the buyers checkout process.

Can I Write Front-page Content?

  • Yes! You can! We recommend that the member has experience writing. Writers must be a registered Member or Vendor. For more information please contact us.

How does the “Custom Surfboard Request” work?

  • Once a request is submitted, the request will be sent out to selected Shapers to review. The customer who sent in the request will then receive a quote from their selected shaper/shapers on this website.
  • If an images is uploaded for request, you must have permission from the original artist to use their work if copy right laws are in effect.

How do I become an Artist, Shaper, or Vendor on this site?

  • To become an Artist, Vendor, or Shaper on this website please signup as a Vendor. Once you are approved you may upload your boards/products/Art/etc. on our shop page as well as receive custom requests from our customers.